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Possible licensing breach?

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I have read the FAQ:
Viveport doesn’t restrict how many computers can access the content at the same time. Content developers/publishers may set the rules to limit access on their own submissions.

I seem to me that it will be very easy for someone to just share his account name and password (possibly in exchange for money) with access to all the content.
Is there any way the Viewport prevents such behavior?

I also cannot find any place in the dashboard in which we could limit this access.



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Yes, we are planning to release the game to Viveport Arcade only.

We know there is a system to charge arcade operators on the basis of playtime.

I assume the game, in this case, is run from operators dashboard but is there a way to run the game from disk location and the Viveport SDK DRM will check only if the user is logged and skip all time-counting part? 

Or will there be additional SDK for arcade build that will provide time-counting/charging functionality? 

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Hey ,


We're in what we hope are the final stages of our trials for Viveport Arcade. We hope to have a final release date to share before too long.


Regarding Viveport Arcade, when you submit an app for 'Arcade only' use, it means that it's only accessible through the Viveport Arcade platform. So, anyone who's accessing the app will do so in an Arcade, where the operator will control logins, etc. You, as the developer, get paid by HTC based on the amount of time played across the entire Viveport Arcade platform.


If you wanted to make an app for both Arcade and home use (or 'normal' use, essentially) you will submit two different builds, and can apply our DRM to your home build if you wish.

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