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Library view with WLAN wo Internet


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due tue security issues in our company, we have a dedicated WIFI to connect the Focus 3 with our PCs for streaming. However sometimes the library of the installed apps takes for ever to load if it has no internet but WIFI. The configuration however detects that there is not internet.

Would be good to disable the internet loading of the library in "no internet" mode.

Best regards

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12 hours ago, Steve76 said:

Is there a useful way to adress that topic? It seem as it should be a small & easy optimization of the GUI, but really annoying when this topic occurs 😒

I saw this once for a while, I guess it was due to my weak internet connection, 

but if I see it loading I switch to another tab(Setting or Profile) and then return to library, there's a chance to stop it from loading immediately.

Not sure what did the trick, but it wont forever loading if I switch back and forth the tabs.

Maybe give it a try if it can stop you from loading as well?

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I'm a new Focus3 user, and I also have this issue.

I'm using a WiFi6E router, not connected to the Internet, and the Library takes 7 to 15 seconds to load (only 4 applications :  Tutoriel, Vive Sync, Vive Browser, Vive Business Streaming).

Not a critical issue, but very annoying indeed.

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