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[Request] OpenXR+Tracker+Unity Interaction Profile


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@Dario I realise support for the trackers is still under development as I saw in the thread about the pogo pins.

Can you give some guidance on how to handle this in the meantime? Can we use the SteamVR plugin in the same scene as the OpenXR and XR Interaction Toolkit stuff? Use OpenXR for the controllers and SteamVR for the trackers?

Or should we stick completely to SteamVR and in my case VIU for the interaction?


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The SteamVR OpenXR runtime supports the XR_HTCX_vive_tracker_interaction.extension.

So I guess the question is does SteamVR's toolkit or XRI or VIU support it when targeting OpenXR? Did you try the sample scene that uses VIU?

Technically if the toolkit supports it, it should be able to use XR Management to support the OpenXR target platform.

I'll check with VIU, but otherwise unless you implement the extension interface yourself (or one of these toolkits work) you may need to wait until it's readily avaiable

Same goes with handtracking extension and others until Unity adds the subsystem support.


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I checked my project for XR_HTCX_vive_tracker.extension, but it's not found. I upgraded the OpenXR package to version 1.3.1, but still it's not there.

My main question is if XRI supports it, since then I won't need SteamVR (and VIU, although I really like that utility 😃)

So, yes, I'll wait for it to become supported as a Tracker prefab in the same way as the Controller prefab and stick to SteamVR and VIU for now.

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