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[VR] Tracker-Pogo In Unity


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I am currently working on Unity 2019.4.36f1 and I have a tracker (recognized by Unity) hooked to an object.
I made a POGO button on this functional object.

My question is: How to make Unity detect an input when I press this button?

(I can't find any explanation of how to make Unity detect the input when I press the button.
This video explained it really well but unfortunately it's no longer up to date: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCiGpOSZM8A)

I have a Dongle with the goal of having this work, I don't know if it's mandatory :

                       usb                             Wireless                   usb
Accessory-------------Vive Tracker------------------Dongle--------------PC


Thanks in advance for your answers.

Sincerely, Maxence.

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