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Direct Stream 3D video


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Hi everyone,

I recently bought a VIVE PRO 2. 

My project is to stream a 3D video from a submarine robot. My 3D camera provide two image via IP .

I would like to do a direct stream , one image per eyes .

I would not like to use the controler or the station base. I dont need the tracking or other option. I need a very simple solution to do that but curently i have no idea how to do. 

I did something like that with the DK2 from oculus few years ago using VLC . The headset was reconize as monitor . It's not the case of the vive pro 2

Many thanks

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@Ligthmare This might be difficult on current SteamVR-native headsets. SteamVR headsets that use integrate Valve's SteamVR hardware (Index, Pro 2) are entirely dependent on the basestations at a fundamental level and the SteamVR compositor overall. It's possible to write custom headset drivers to do more advanced stuff (Optitrak) but SteamVR hardware.

Alot of enterprise users solve get this type of content into the headset by creating custom Unity projects that take their stream feeds and builds a basic SteamVR/OpenXR client for it.

What you were doing on DK is called "extended mode". SteamVR support for this varies by headset - it's . Because Vive Pro 2 needs a compositor (Vive Console) - I don't think extended mode is supported. The "Disable Direct Display Mode" within SteamVR's Developer setting does not seem to be working.  @C.T.

One way you can try to replicate "extended mode" but with way more customization is by using OVRDrop. It has a "screen" feature which lets you pipe content as an overlay to the headset in a fixed position on the display panels. If you set the alpha to 1, and use the sliders to position and scale your content correctly - you might be able to recreate . It has support for stereoscopic content & I've seen a few people have success hacking a solution together with it.

You can sort of use the headset without a basestation by disabling the loss of tracking screen (grey) screen by editing Program Files (x86)\Steam\config\steamvr.vrsettings with the following:

Under "steamvr" : {


"forceFadeOnBadTracking" : false,

This could net you a fixed view that might be useful. SteamVR native headsets are really designed to be used with other SteamVR hardware. I couldn't figure out how to get this to work in conjunction with OVRDrop.




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