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VIVE Flow + Unreal Engine 4.27

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I was wondering if there was a guide for developing apps in UE 4.27 for the VIVE Flow.

Just to try it out, I turned on to allow USB debugging on the Flow and connected it to my PC. I created an OpenXR VR sample project in UE 4.27.2. (I have all the Android development tools, we write apps for Oculus Quest.) I chose to build and deploy to my VIVE Flow and it did it. The output log says it's running without errors... But I only see a black screen when it runs from UE. I'm new to the VIVE Flow. I tried restarting the device and finding the app. I see it in Internal Storage but not on my library so I can't run it without the debugger. I have the setting to allow apps from unknown sources enabled.

Anyway, if anyone can give me some tips for project settings I need to turn on, let me know.


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Thank you! That helped a lot. I downloaded the 4.26 Wave SDK and was able to build the sample project and ran it on the Flow. Very cool. It doesn't look like there's support for OpenXR yet, but that it's coming later maybe?

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