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VIVE Flow + Unreal Engine 4.27

Jose Mojica

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I was wondering if there was a guide for developing apps in UE 4.27 for the VIVE Flow.

Just to try it out, I turned on to allow USB debugging on the Flow and connected it to my PC. I created an OpenXR VR sample project in UE 4.27.2. (I have all the Android development tools, we write apps for Oculus Quest.) I chose to build and deploy to my VIVE Flow and it did it. The output log says it's running without errors... But I only see a black screen when it runs from UE. I'm new to the VIVE Flow. I tried restarting the device and finding the app. I see it in Internal Storage but not on my library so I can't run it without the debugger. I have the setting to allow apps from unknown sources enabled.

Anyway, if anyone can give me some tips for project settings I need to turn on, let me know.


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