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How I can use Flow with Samsung DEX


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How I can use Flow with Samsung DEX? Flow with mirror mode can only show my phone screen. I can't switch off my screen. But DEX mode allow switch-off screen of phone.

Here's what I mean: I'm in the car as a passenger, watching video from my phone, while the phone's screen is off. I can use any player or service for content watching.

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That would be sci-fi to use a phone as a computer in VR as a virtual monitor.

Using Dex with Vive Flow has been an interest in a few threads here in the forums.

Here's how to get Dex working with Vive Flow so that it becomes more like a productivity device:

  1. Make sure to have a bluetooth keyboard and mouse paired with your phone, with both turned on.
  2. Using the Vive Flow start phone mirroring (Starts mirroring the phone like normal).
  3. Slightly pull the Vive Flow away from your face, to keep the Flow on and also see down at your phone.
  4. Then on your phone, disable phone as controller by swiping down from the top of the screen.
  5. Swipe down again from the top of your phone screen again to get to the Quick Setting buttons.
  6. On the Quick Settings buttons, swipe to the left (goes to the next set of buttons to the right).
  7. Turn off Smart View (then Vive Flow will try to look for something else to mirror from).
  8. Turn on Dex. Choose, DeX on TV or Monitor.
  9. When Dex detects Vive Flow, tap Start now.
  10. Lastly on your phone swipe down from the top of your phone to get to notifications, turn on phone as controller again.
  11. Back in the Vive Flow, use the phone as controller to change mirroring Dex from portrait to landscape, and enlarge screen.

You can use your bluetooth keyboard and mouse to work with Dex like normal.

Screen ratio, so close but not perfect

The screen is cut off a little at the top and bottom, probably Dex is 16:9 but the Vive Flow mirroring my default to the phone's ratio of 20:9 (for Samsung S21). The Dex taskbar is not shown along the bottom when the Flow is mirroring in landscape, but the Dex taskbar appears when Flow is mirroring in portrait. Dex settings can't change aspect ratio when mirroring wirelessly.

  • Just use your mouse to resize the windows in Dex to fit within the Vive Flow's mirroring display area.
  • To open apps, you can press the Windows key on your keyboard, and type the app's name to find and open it.

Maybe if enough people want to use Vive Flow for productivity, maybe the Vive Flow developers might add an option for Flow phone mirroring to set to display at 16:9 or a ratio different from the phone, to display the full screen of Dex. One day hopefully. 


Sounds like a lot of steps, but takes less than a minute. Hopefully the image provided helps.


Vive Flow Dex.png

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With Vive Flow system update 1.56.623.01, you can disable phone as controller, which means you can use Samsung Dex with the phone as a trackpad.

Using your phone as a trackpad while mirroring Samsung Dex will allow you to work with your Vive Flow as a passenger in a car, without other passengers seeing what you're working on. The phone screen will just be black with outlines for the trackpad.

Phone as trackpad.png

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