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vive focus 3 issue : coming from Vive business streaming?steam VR? Or Vive firmware?


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Hi everyone,

I tried two differents applications developed on Unity on a VIVE FOCUS 3 linked with official USB-C to USB-C (vive business streaming 1.07.6a).

1) A prototype, very basic, nothing heavy in the scene, just basic 3D models we manipulate.

BUG But sometimes, when I launch the .EXE, I got an empty unity scene (horizon/blue sky and grey floor). 

PC : brand new DELL RTX3060


2) An application, developed by a company, which stream ergonomics data from an another software.

BUG : Sometimes I can't even run the application after launching steam vr + vive business streaming, and I get my GPU at 100% !!!!!!!

And sometimes, the app works fine. The GPU at 100% happened after vive business streaming launch.

Laptop : brand new DELL I9 - RTX 3080 


Did someone experienced this?

Is there conflicts between vive firmware, steam vr, VBS?? A particular version recommended?

Many thanks in advance

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