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Windows + P (Connect to a wireless display)


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Interesting that it is technically possible for Vive Flow to receive a Windows project Miracast stream if you are able to quickly disconnect phone mirroring, and quickly establish another Miracast connection like Dex or Windows project.

These are technical possibilities that would expand the personal space that Vive Flow provides in VR, in addition to personal wellness to also allow for personal productivity. Both are focused and peaceful, and relate to self improvement.

Dex or phone+keyboard have worked better with Vive Flow, but for Windows mirroring I haven't been able to get it to work reliably though, and takes repeated tries back and forth cancelling phone mirroring Smart View, Widows Project reconnect, and confirm Screencasting Failed Try gain on the Vive Flow.

Not sure if video quality is optimized for gaming, but I tested projecting from an average business laptop (personal) using an old router.

Video quality good enough for personal productivity, typing, organizing your day to be able to focus in the Flow. Not hunched over looking at a little laptop screen and other distractions in the room, but instead looking at a big screen in VR.

Shortcoming is that the display aspect ratio on the Vive Flow is based on your phone, which cuts off a the screen a little at the top and bottom for Dex and Windows. Have to resize windows to fit within the display area in Vive Flow. Cannot see taskbar on bottom for Windows, need to move taskbar to left side of screen.

Just wanted to share that it technically possible, but wouldn't recommend projecting Windows to Vive Flow until a reliable technique can be determined.

For productivity in the Flow, Samsung Dex has been easier to get working with Vive Flow.

For phones that don't have Samsung Dex, pairing a bluetooth keyboard to your phone and mirroring your phone with productivity or writing apps is a simpler option. 



Vive Flow - Windows project display.png

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focused and peaceful, and relate to self improvement
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I have tried this method. It works well with my notebook(surface pro, win8) , tablet (samsung S2, android 7) and my another phone (android 9).

By the way, it uses wifi direct method to project screen and do not need any router.

Thanks a lot

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