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(Vive) OpenXR Tutorial for Native C++

bipul mohanto

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I have just started my journey in VR. Currently I have a vive pro eye, and my goal is stereo rendering. 

  1. I found there are three types of functions, Khronos' core, cross vendor, and vendor specific. Are there any (possible yes) vive specific functions? Where I can find those? 
  2. Microsoft Page has beginner friendly documentation with their own specifications for MR. I see in this forum, there is also some documentation of Vive OpenXR for Unity and Unreal Engine. But I am looking for some tutorial how to visualize easily on my Vive Pro Eye Display, and native C++ Project. Can you show me some light?
  3. Will Microsoft OpenXR (MR) work for Vive Pro Eye?




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@bipul mohanto 

The standard way to load openxr stuff will work, and here's the open source example "hello world" https://github.com/KhronosGroup/OpenXR-SDK-Source/tree/main/src/tests/hello_xr 

When it comes to extensions, i would refer to how the openxr extensions are loaded, implemented and used in unreal (C++) and perhaps unity.


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