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In vive focus 3, do devices in the same group recognize each other when sharing maps?


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We are currently using Vive Focus 3, using LBE Hybrid mode through our test account, and testing the Map Sharing functionality through the attached guide.

The function that we want in map sharing is to share one map within the same group, and we are testing whether the users in the shared map recognize each other. Also, I wonder if it can look UI-like if it is recognized.

Furthermore, I would like to know if the app made with Unity can be shared and all of them can enter one VR Unity space when map sharing.

I think it's like making a multiplayer game. If possible, please let me know how.

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Hey @andev11, as responsiveness to questions with HTC is low, I'll share my insights so far:

I've been developing a (local) multiplayer game in Unity using Netcode for Gameobjects for a client, connecting the (VR) players in the local network using HTC Vive Focus 3.

After setting up an LBE environment and going through all the shenanigans of making and uploading the same map to all headsets using the guides, the positions of my VR players were indeed according to where they should be, regardless of where they were standing when joining the game. I don't think it matters whether the VR headsets are in the same device group; they should just have the same map uploaded (but this is indeed easier to set up if they are in the same device group), and play the same game.

I hope this helps you.



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