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Focus 3 Unreal Issue with OpenXR Beta


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I'm having a problem getting Unreal projects using OpenXR running on the Focus 3. (I'm in the beta program.) In 4.26, 4.27 and 5.0, I get the following behavior:

  • Launching appears to work, editor popup says "Running [project] on [device]", but nothing appears in the HMD
  • Builds package and install to the Focus 3, but they aren't detected as normal - they appear under the 2D section of the Library

Any guidance? Thanks.

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Following this thread - I've had the issue where apps are only showing as 2d applications and I've only been able to get 3d/VR apps working using the Vive Wave SDK plugin. I'm wondering if its a project setting or if I have SteamVR/ Oculus plugins installed? But removing them isn't ideal....

I'm curious about how you got the 5.0 Vive OpenXR UE plugin working? Did you rebuild the project files from 4.27 successfully?

Are you using the Wave OpenXR plugin?

Keen to figure this out too!


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