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Weird behavior about the "START A TOPIC" button


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Somehow I clicked the  "START A TOPIC" button and nothing happened. I tried to refresh the webpage but had no luck. Finally I signed out manually and sign in again then I can post new article with the  "START A TOPIC" button.

Anything wrong the login status check? Why doesn't it show notification about invalid login status when I pressed "START A TOPIC"?


Thank you 

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Hi ,


We're having an issue right now with roles and logins, which explains the issue you had with 'Start a Topic'. It's being investigated now.


As for your subject line - which I assume you wanted to know the answer to - I'm investigating that for you now.

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Hi Rockjaw,


My subject is wierd and I think I figured out why. I think I accidentally clicked the suggested subject the web page provided when I was typing my subject and I didn't notice it.


BTW, I wonder if there are someone who can answer my other questions in this forum. 


Thank you.


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