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TPCast and microphone


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So I've been using my TPCast unit for a bit more than a week now and am really happy with it, particularly in combination with the Deluxe Audio Strap. Great improvements and pretty much Vive 1.5 in my eyes.


So far I can't, however, figure out if it's possible to use the Vive's built-in microphone when using TPCast, and if so, how to enable it.


I understand that the camera currently doesn't work due to the limitations of sending the USB signal via 2.4 GHz wifi to the proprietary router and then via ethernet to the PC, but does the same apply for the mic? If that is the case then I can't find any mention of it in the avilable documentation.


So if anyone here could clear this up for me I'd appreciate it. I'll answer any and all questions you might have in regards to TPCast and the new strap.



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There are a couple things to consider here:
1. Make sure you have selected the Vive microphone as the default recording device. It should work all on it's own, but if you have another recording device, it won't work.
2. If you can't get that to work, you could also use your own headset/microphone and connect it to the far right-most USB port in the HMD.



-John C

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Are you therefore saying that a) TPCast is meant to provide microphone support and b) the auxiliary USB port on the Vive has full USB functionality when connected to the PC via TPCast?


I'm trying to figure out if this a possible setup issue on my end, or if these assets simply don't work with TPCast at this point.



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Have you made any progress on your findings?


I have tried contacting both HTC support as well as TPCast on this matter, but the only official remark I found so far is an uploadVR article which mentions that microphone support is currently lacking due to 'driver issues'.


I'd really appreciate some offical feedback on this tbh.

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 I've dived a bit deeper into this but have hit a bit of a limit since the TPCast kits I have are preview editions and vary from consumer editions. At the end of the day we do not have access to their backend. Based on the trade-off's that TPCast employed to get their solution to work, their solution might simply be incompatible with our internal microphone and rectifying that issue is something that their engineering team would handle since this is ultimately a third party add-on and not a product of our engineering or design teams.  I will continue to monitor and test when time allows and posts workarounds if they become available. TPCast says that they are currently working on fixing the driver issue but again, that's our of Vive proper's wheel house and I can't officaly speak for them. 

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Thanks for the heads-up and your continued research. I, too, have the preview edition so it'll be interesting to see if TPCast's intended driver revisions will have a positive effect on that hardware as well.


In your original reply before editing you recommended using a bluetooth clip-on mic directly plugged into the PC. Is there a reason you deleted that part? Also, if you find it an acceptable workaround, is there a specific model you can recommend?


I'd really love to be able to use Vive for social VR again, but I'm definitely not prepared to give up my wireless setup for it. 

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