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TPCast and microphone


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Hi , 

Now that the consumer version is released, we know a lot more about the TPCast and its functionality. The official firmware/software doesn't support the mic, camera, or USB at this time. TPCast says it's still something they're working on.  


There exists a community software project called OpenTPCast that actually has solved most issues except the camera functionality. You can check it out here but be aware that this is 3rd party software that is totally unsupported or vetted for security (and this is not a recommendation from us to try it...) 




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Hi David,
Thanks for the suggestion.  i took a look at it, but it seems like it requires opening the TPCast hardware and flashing an SD card.  I'm not sure I'm comfortable voiding the warranty and getting that involved in it.  It's a shame that TPCast hasn't added this support themselves.  The mic is pretty critical for a lot of VR experiences.  It's good to know that it's a solvable problem, though.  Gives some reason for optimism that they will, in fact, deploy a fix eventually.  

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i wrote to tpcast about this mic issue via chat.. and here is their reply.  to sum up... the microphone feature is not supported yet, making it impossible to play wireless vr with others in the same game (social vr) and there is no information on any packaging or website that states it is not supported.  i feel scammed.  further... they are working on fixing the problem in a future version, which the consumer will have to purchase a new tpcast, despite having shelled out $300 for one already that does not support mic. 


here is the transcript of the chat:


Hi! Nancy ,This is Lyn. Thank you for contacting TPCast, How may I help you today?


Nancy: Yes, I'm wondering why my wireless HTC Vive won't pick up any audio.

TPCast Support 5: Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your vie may I ask if there are any error codes showing on your screen?


Nancy:  No, the Vive is not being recognized as a microphone.


TPCast Support 5:  I'm sorry but the vive is not supported by microphone functionality, it is a software and firmware issue which will be release by 2018 and yo will be needing to upgrade it to make it work.


Nancy:  Upgrading the software or hardware?


TPCast Support 5:  Both.


Nancy:  I just spent $300 on a unit that does not have a microphone usage... and now I have to buy another unit?


TPCast Support 5:  Sorry for that but our development team is already working on that and hope to have the updates by 2018.

But if you like we have the oculus rift which is supported by microphone functionality.

which will start shipment by January 2018.

For further updates you can always keep a close watch on our website.


Nancy:  what will you do for those who purchased the tpcast for htc vive just recently??


TPCast Support 5:  You can use a headset to get the audio to work.


Nancy:  I have tried that already and the audio source does not show up.


TPCast Support 5:  That is why the firmware and software has to be updated.


Nancy:  So I have to buy another TPCast unit for a microphone that works?


TPCast Support 5:  Please pay attention to www.tpcastvr.com for most recent update.f6af2b63bbf74b8a75940e375046bf589af02955.pngWireless VR | TPCAST | Unleash the VR WorldTPCAST is the world's first commercial tetherless VR solution. TPCAST Wireless VR solution enhances the VR experience and enables free movement.


Nancy:  will tpcast offer a replacement?


TPCast Support 5:  That will depend but since the vive is currently still being studied by our development team I cannot guarantee replacing a new one will fix the issue.


this is the audio in the vive have you tried to push it as what is showing on the pic?


Nancy:  Yes

I will retry though


TPCast Support 5:  Ok, thank you for your time Is there anything else I may help you with?


Nancy:  That input is for audio coming from my PC (ex: game sound or someone talking), and not a microphone output


TPCast Support 5:  Yes so the vive is still limited for the microphone functionality.

It needs an update on the firmware and software.


Nancy:  ...which i will have to pay for

is that correct?  i'm feeling a little scammed here


TPCast Support 5:  No its not a scam , the first release really doesn't support the microphone.


Nancy:  i disagree. it was purchased under the assumption that it could be used like the wired version of vr

, except wireless.

there was no information mentioned on your site or anywhere else that says otherwise

..and the only way to fix it, once the update is available, is to purchase a new one


TPCast Support 5:  You may send an email to service.us@tpcast.cn fro your concern regarding the microphone issue turn around time for them to reply is between 24-48 hours.


Nancy:  will you send me this chat?


TPCast Support 5:  Sorry but you can have this screenshot if you want to.


Nancy:  is there anything else you would like to add to your explanation? i am writing on behalf of others and will be posting online.


TPCast Support 5:  current release of product is limited by the microphone function. 
This function is currently not available by TPCast Wireless Adaptor for VIVE. This function can be supported by next release of product. Please pay attention to www.tpca
stvr.com for most recent update.

Nancy:  and to repeat your previous comments.. those who have already purchased a tpcast unit will have to purchase the new version to have the mic work.


...and no where on the box or your website does it say the mic function is not supported. no videos you have posted mention it either.


TPCast Support 5:  I strongly don't advice to buy a new one but you can always keep a close watch on our website first before making any decisions on buying a new vive.


Nancy:  i am referring to the purchase of a new tpcast unit, not a new vive


TPCast Support 5:  Yes the first released didn't mention that it supports the microphone but we are still awaiting release of the hardware and software to get the microphone to work.

you mean you will purchase an oculus rift?


Nancy:  no. you have stated that in order for me to have a tpcast unit that has microphone support i will have to purchase a new tpcast unit when the update comes out.


TPCast Support 5:  That is the only solution to have the software updated to get the microphone to work, you may want to email our level 2 support for further updates on the microphone before making any decisions on purchasing another unit, the email I have provided is our level 2 support team.


Nancy:  earlier in this chat, you stated i will have to purchase both the software and hardware. now, you state just a software update. which is it?


TPCast Support 5:  As of the moment I can only advice you to please send an email to our level 2 support team to make things clear on the microphone issue, and yes in my early statement I mentioned that it needs to update on the software and firmware, and that still needs to wait until 2018 but no specific date for the release.


Nancy:  thank you for your time. 


TPCast Support 5:  Your welcome, nice chatting with you Is there anything else I may help you with?


Nancy:  not at this time. thanks.

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Yes Eric!

I just sent an email to TPCast and they sent me an package with updated drivers. So no need to buy the licens for Open TPCast. I haven't installed it yet but I'll update here if it doesn't work. Well, TPCast answered within an hour so cudos to their support!

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I sent TPCast an e-mail asking if they had updated drivers for the microphone and they answered within 12 minutes with an attached file that contained the instructions. So just e-mail them :)


Problem right now is that even with the new firmware installed I get a failed system load on the power box while being able to start Steam VR but there's no microphone detected. So I'm back to square one. It works as before but no mic. I'll write again if I'm successful.

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