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What headsets have you tried? What do you want in the next headset from HTC?

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Since I posted what I wanted in a headset I figured I'd ask what people want from the next HTC headset? 

What headsets have you tried? 

What do you want in the next headset from HTC? 


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The Focus 3 is essentially my ideal headset at this point. I've realized I want options. Standalone mobile chipset performance AND the ability to do PC VR. I had all of the Oculus headsets up to the Quest, and then got fed up with Facebook and I'm avoiding all Meta products from now on. I also have a HP Reverb G2, but I use it far less often now. For me to upgrade from the Focus 3 I would want...

1. Lighter headset. Always lighter.
2. Improvements to wireless latency - DisplayPort would be a great option too for a true, full resolution wired experience, but I'm trying to do everything wireless now
3. Better lenses. Going from the Focus 3 to the HP Reverb G2, the lens flare on the Focus 3 is extra apparent and the clarity is just not as good.
4. Passive cooling would be wonderful - but for the current state of VR, I'm OK with the front fan.
5. Improved audio - The speakers on the Valve Index and Reverb G2 are just so much better, I wish they would be a standard feature at this point for all headsets. The integrated audio right now is fine though if I had to choose that or having to wear other headphones.
6. Longer battery life - of course. 🙂
7. Integrated eye and mouth tracking - pretty clear this is going to become standard in the next gen or two to give improved presence, but I want assurances that raw data is staying mostly in headset.

For the most part then, I'd be looking for refinements more than substantial changes. It's a very good headset overall and hopefully as new processors come out, and better display technologies arrive, this feels like the true version 1.0 HTC has been shooting for. Hopefully the next one will deliver overall improvements and we'll see them compete in the consumer space too vs Meta Cambria.

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The biggest and best change you could make to your headset. Change from Fresnel lens to singlet lens. I modded my elite to singlet. Now I can wear it for hours without eye strain or headaches' before with Fresnel 5 minutes my eyes were killing me. It's all so crystal clear wherever I look the whole lens is the sweet spot. Fresnel lenses are horrible to look thru and make the picture look like crap.

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