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Vive Pro on a laptop


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My employer just purchased a laptop intending to use it for VR demos instead of the workstation we carry around. It is a decent laptop but it only has HDMI as a display output. Could the Vive work with a DVI to HDMI converter? It runs an RTX3080, here're the specs: 12 Gen i7 12700, 64GB RAM, 2 TB SSD, win64, RTX3080Ti




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@Untelon No - you can't convert an HDMI port to have the correct signaling to power a modern headset which requires Displayport 1.2+.

Your best best is to see if the laptop has any USB-C ports that are wired to the Nvidia GPU, and support Displayport signaling.

If you find a USB-C port that will work, you can use an adapter like the Club CAC-1507 (which is tested and known to work). If you go with another adapter, you want something that can support 4k@60hz and supports Displayport 1.2 or newer.

There's several threads on this and some may have info that's helpful to you.


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