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Vive Focus 3 as a mocap source?


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I'm considering building a mocap rig out of 3 vive tracker 3's and a base station (or 2), and I was wondering does there exist the possibility to, in such a rig, also output data from the head via the headset tracking and the hands via the hand controller tracking (or even better, use the hand and finger tracking inside of the headset?)

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I seem to maybe have partially answered my own question, which is that the main way people use vive trackers as a mocap source is by going into unreal engine via steamVR, so, if I understand it correctly, the Focus 3 would also send coordinates into SteamVR, just down a different path (Vive tracker via dongle while focus 3 via router then VBS). Does that sound about right?

I don't own vive trackers or any related equipment yet but I suppose I could try to do mocap with just the Focus 3 which I already have, obviously.

I'll report back what I find out. 

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