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"Boundless" VR setup combining Vive with mocap suit

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Hi all,


A couple of months ago I developed a tech demo showing a system where, using the Oculus DK2 and a mocap suit ( and a MSI VR One laptop ), is possible to have full body tracking without any space limitations and without any tracking cameras.

The DK2 is used without the IR camera so I get only the gyroscope orientation informations, while the positional tracking is done using the mocap suit.


What I would like to do is something similar, but using the Vive, mostly to upgrade the visual quality of the project, but also to integrate some unique fatures I've been working on.


I'm using UE4 and I tried not using the Lightouse, but as soon as those are not connected/recognized, the tracking stops and I'm not able to get just the orientation data.



Is there a workaround in order to achieve something like that?


I know that in short time, with the multiple camera setup and the wireless TPC adapter, this solution won't be used anymore, but I'm curious on how the entire setup can be used and evolved.




Nicolas Esposito

 Enter Reality

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interesting -

No issue with drifting?

Or the mocap suite is at all time parented to the HMD for relative position data?


I am working on an augmented space setup for a performace where we need absolute position (which BS2.0 + trackers gives me)

Even the lovely Xsens suits will drift over space travelled (about 10% accordingly to them) and will need something like Lighthouse tracking to stay in place (otherwise the video projection will be off over time)



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Sorry for the later reply, I haven't checked the forum in a while.


Anyway I already solved the drifting caused by the suit, adding a Vive Tracker onto the mocap suit,



No drifting at all, and I guess that the same technique can also be used on Xsens, but the playing are is 10x10meters max, since apparently you can't chain together more then 4 V2.0 base stations ( even if I clearly remember devs chaining together 16 of them ).


If you're interested in this setup contact me via DM

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