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Protecting the lenses


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Hello Vive forum im making a thread to give all of us users a chance to give tips n tricks about how to protect the lenses the best way. Vives lenses are very easily to damage even back from the original Vive days, so my question is how do you protect your lenses? Screen protectors? Piano lenses? 

A feedback to the Vive people is to attach lense protectors to their headsets like samsung does to their phones. 

Thanks in advance //Markus

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4 hours ago, Sebastian ZENonVR said:

are there any protectors to get ? maybe some transparent sticky protectors as for mobile phones ? will that work ? 

I tried some sticky protectors but never got em 100% perfect and I didnt wanna try to force all the bubbles out with alot of pressure so I went the safe path of 


Vive™ Focus 3 Lens Inserts – VR Lens Lab (vr-lens-lab.com) Can truly recommend.

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