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Focus 3 - linker error libopenxr_wave.so is not accessible


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Hello, my OpenXR app on Focus 3 crashes on start-up due to the following linker error:

library "/vendor/app/openxr_runtime/lib/arm64/libopenxr_wave.so" ("/vendor/app/openxr_runtime/lib/arm64/libopenxr_wave.so") needed or dlopened by "/data/app/com.alvr.alxr_client-TmMRAcd2udgNGwvW9mmgTg==/lib/arm64/libopenxr_loader.so" is not accessible for the namespace: [name="sphal", ld_library_paths="", default_library_paths="/vendor/lib64:/vendor/lib64/hw", permitted_paths="/odm/lib64:/vendor/lib64:/system/vendor/lib64"]
Tue Jul 12 2022 23:57:45 GMT+0300 (Москва, стандартное время):error7230/5741 OpenXR-Loader
Error [GENERAL | xrEnumerateInstanceExtensionProperties | OpenXR-Loader] : RuntimeInterface::LoadRuntime skipping manifest file , failed to load with message "dlopen failed: library "/vendor/app/openxr_runtime/lib/arm64/libopenxr_wave.so" needed or dlopened by "/data/app/com.alvr.alxr_client-TmMRAcd2udgNGwvW9mmgTg==/lib/arm64/libopenxr_loader.so" is not accessible for the namespace "classloader-namespace""<br>

hello_xr (both gles & vulkan versions) runs fine, I assume the reason why this happens with my app is due to my app setting the minimum-sdk api level to greater than 24/25 according to this? the problem seems to be that the path /vendor/app/openxr_runtime/* is not in the permitted_paths.

I really can't make my app go lower than API level 26 without doing major changes to my code base.

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