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Getting gray screen a lot with my OG vive?

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Basically I just set up my original htc vive for the first time in a while, at first everything plays fine then after a little while I get gray screen, for about 30 seconds to a minute, also my controllers will start drifting losing tracking. I’ve updated all my base stations and gear and tried moving my base stations around a bit but this is not an issue I ever had before. After doing some research I believe I might need to get a new usb card? I’m not the most tech savvy my brother built my computer tor me and I’m running windows 10 with a Radeon VII graphics card. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how I could fix this.

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It does sonud like USB disconnection, but first you can check if pausing USB power saving on windows setting helped. If not, I will try other USB ports. 

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