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Cannot log into VR Chat servers using Vive Social Application


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On 7/25/2022 at 1:30 PM, InfoPocket-Scott said:

Cannot connect to servers an the app tries to log in using my Vive account. Not sure how to sync this Vive account with VR Chat or how to use my Steam account instead. Any ideas are appreciated.

You have to make a separate VRchat account, VRchat is not linked to either steam or the vive social account. 

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@GhostPsi I made two new VR Chat accounts to test with but I cannot authenticate with the VR Chat servers. I believe the issue is the "sign in name" for VR Chat and the HTC account must match. Vive Social application uses the account "name" from the Focus 3 Profile I logged in with on the device to authenticate with VR Chat; not the email address. So if I am to use make a VR Chat with User name + Scott George and the same email account as I have with HTC for the Focus 3 I have to delete the current VR Chat account, wait for 14 days, and then try again. This is so very frustrating.

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