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Can't import an exported LBE map


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I'm trying to get the LBE map sharing to work, in Hybrid mode, but I'm running into an issue in the last step ("Duplicate a virtual map"). Even though I follow all the steps and they seem to work, when I open the second headset is doesn't show the map that I exported from the first ('golden') headset.

I was wondering how the map is actually imported into a second headset. As I understand the guide: if a second headset is connected to the VBConsole, and added to a group that has an exported map; it should automatically download this map and when the device is restarted it should recognise this map. Yet this doesn't seem to be the case. Also, in the devices tab there is no config pack version or map shown for my devices, even though it seems that at least the golden headset has the right config pack; since I can create and export a map on that headset and that seem to work fine.

Are there any steps I'm missing? If anyone could point me in the right direction and let me know what I'm maybe doing wrong I would be very grateful!

I included the relevant part of the guide I'm trying to follow as well as a screenshot of both the devices and the groups panel in the VBConsole.

VBConsole devices.png

VBConsole groups.png

Duplicate virtual map 2.png

Duplicate virtual map 1.png

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