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Vive focus 3 eye tracker connected to a pc


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Hi, regarding the Vive focus 3 eye tracker i know if you connect it directly to a pc it gets detected as a vive camera so i wonder if you can see both of the camera inputs on the pc with a recording software?

And if you connect it to a pc will the ir emitters on the eye tracker power on by them self? 



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what SDK do you use for the Eye Tracker add-on for Focus 3?

How do you connect the eye tracker to the headset, while connecting the headset to PC? I'm thinking to use a non-native cable to connect eye tracker to the bottom port of the headset, and use the native pc-vr cable to connect the side port of the headset to the pc. Any advice?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks @chengnay.

Noob question: what's the difference between SRanipal and Wave SDK? (I'm using Unity)

Is there any links on how to get the 120Hz eye tracking data using Wave SDK? I guess the tutorial code and the API reference reads the eye data in the Update loop at every Unity frame refresh, rather than using a separate Callback thread, like here using SRanipal?

Thanks again.

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