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Vive Focus 3 in Unity will not show any controllers or hands


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Hi @taa11,

My apologies. Referring back to a screenshot you posted earlier, it appears that your project is using VIVE Wave OpenXR Plugin - Android 1.0.2 and not the VIVE Wave XR Plugin I have reposted that screenshot below. If this is the package that you are using, have you tried importing the samples from the VIVE Wave OpenXR ToolKit Samples - Android 1.0.2 package? If those samples work for you, are you able to compare your scene to one of the scenes in the samples?

Vive Packages Installed.png

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Thank you for the feedback. I have had a solution from the Vive SDK team. they updated the Vive Wave Open XR - Windows package to 1.08, and updating the Vive Business Streaming App. and now all works. Some settings needed adjusted, see post:


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