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VIVE Software – Public Release Notes


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VIVE Software – Public Release Notes
Released November 8th 2022

Vive Console


  • Fixed bug causing unable to use gaze point to select SteamVR menu for Cosmos Elite Headset without controllers.


  • Now supported more data formats in SRAnipal SDK which includes V1 format and separate eye data when connecting Focus 3 eye and facial tracker via Vive Business Streaming.
  • Refined the timing of engine initialization.
  • Enhanced error handling on eye expression.
  • Now supports Eye and Facial tracking via Vive Business Streaming for Focus 3.
  • Note: Eye/Facial tracking support via VBS for Focus 3 only supports content using SRAnipal V2 format, please reach out to the content providers to check for more detail.
               This support also requires replacing
    SRanipal.dllViveSR_Client.dll*new under each content folder, sample paths are listed as followed.
               Unity: “{AppRoot}\AppName_Data\Plugins\”

               UE: “{AppRoot}\Plugins\SRanipal\Binaries\Win64\”


  • Fixed a potential memory leakage when swapchain is being repeatedly created and destroyed.
  • Fixed an issue feedback from forum to report correct texture format of depth texture when using OpenGL graphic plugin. (Link)
  • Cleaned up and disabled unnecessary API layers to prevent OpenXR initialization error.
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8 hours ago, kusomaigo said:

Hello C.T. 

Where would one find the new dlls to replace in app content folders? The latest SDK download on the Vive website is only for 

hey, I modified the post, you can download via the link

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Hi C.T.,

I used the Unity EyeV2 demo scene to test the behavior of eye expressions using the Focus 3 Eye Tracker over SRAnipal. For any app I ran I made sure it was using the new SRAnipal.dll provided above. Some things I noticed:

  1. It can occasionally work for the EyeV2 demo. 
  2. It only seems to work on the Vive Console BETA, which includes a SRAnipal exe that reports a version number I have not seen it working with live console version (this release,, which has a SRAnipal that reports
  3. It only seems to work once for the EyeV2 demo, after every SRAnipal start. That is, if the SRAnipal process is not running, and the demo then SRAnipal is started, then the eye expressions (blink) work (and work quite well). Quitting the demo and starting it again will always result in eyes closed. 
  4. Eye expressions don't seem to work regardless for other apps, started in the exact same way as the EyeV2 demo as stated in point 3. The other app works perfectly fine for the Vive Pro Eye, and uses V2 of the API as well. 
  5. Starting the EyeV2 demo such that it does show eye expressions working, then starting another app that uses the eye data, caused the Eye Tracker to produce an error message in the headset UI (headset OS error message). Eye gaze continued to work fine however, in the PC application, just no eye expressions. 

It's frustrating that it's almost working right and still not quite. If you can look into what might be causing these issues I am seeing, it would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi @kusomaigo,

Thanks for your reporting.

The eye expression currently only works on the Vive Console Beta and the SRAnipal version is, where you were right about it.

(You may get more information about using facial tracking on Focus3 by VBS here if you havne't been)


Unfortunately, we are not able to reproduce this issue on our side. We tried to run EyeV2 demo (in Editor or binary) repeatedly without restart SRAnipal.exe an it all works fine.

We also tried the FaceGym App and it also can work after restarting it.

Currently we have no idea about your situaltion - it works only once after SRAnipal runtime starts.


However, we can check again about the environment - below is our test enviroment, which I think might be a little different from your side.

Vive Console Beta :
SRanipal Runtime:
VBS Console:        1.09.8 BETA
VBS App:

Focus 3 Version : 5.0.999.646 or later

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21 hours ago, KyleC said:

Focus 3 Version : 5.0.999.646 or later

Of all the things listed this is the only difference: my headset has been on the beta program and thus has been using 5.3.999.646. Would this potentially be an issue? I can't seem to "unenroll" from the beta to use the release version. 

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No, I think it is just because you are on Beta Program, so it starts from 5.3 but the core version 646 is the same.

There supposed to be no issue within your environment. Therefore, we might need logs to clarify is furthermore.

Could you help report issue by right-clicking on the system icon of Vive Console? And share us the report number.



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Hi Kyle, 

I tried the new SRAnipal.dll and ViveSR_Client.dll with the selection of SRAnipal apps, the behavior seems similar to before (only the Eye demo seemed to work consistently), though I was able to get FaceGym to work once. I did notice however, that after removing the facial tracker from the Focus 3 headset, the Unity Eye Demo and FaceGym was able to more reliably start with eye expressions regardless of whether SRAnipal was already running or not. Other apps I've tried consistently had issues however, and interestingly, if eye expressions was running before (for example, in the FaceGym demo), the other app will report whatever the previous value it had from the working app. Starting the non-working apps without SRAnipal having been run before will result in eye expression values of 0, but occasionally NaN value or other random values may be reported (see screenshot for example, the app is https://booth.pm/ja/items/3668465).


I must reiterate: all apps I used for testing were using the latest dlls provided here, and in all cases, eye gaze works normally (with or without the face tracker attached). 

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