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Focus 3 Eye Tracking and Unity OpenXR for Windows


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I was previously using the Vive Pro Eye and its eye tracking features, as that has been discontinued I got my hands on a Focus 3 and its Eye Tracking Module, but now Unity is crashing upon loading into any scene that is using the eye tracking. If I disable the eye tracking the crash does not occur, and I narrowed it down to the line "Error result = SRanipal_API.Initial(SRanipal_Eye.ANIPAL_TYPE_EYE, IntPtr.Zero);" in SRanipal_Eye_Framwork.cs that is causing the crash. 

I have the latest SRanipal SDK (, the latest SRanipal runtime ( and using Unity 2020.3.31f1. 

I have found this guide on setting up face tracking that says I need "SRanipal Runtime Version : or later" which doesn't seem to be out yet. 

Does the Vive Focus 3s eye tracking currently support Unity Windows OpenXR over VBS? or am I missing something else?

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Hi @MGordonIMVR,

Yes, you will need to upgrade SRAnipal runtime to latest version (

As stated in the post, you need to update the SRAnipal runtime below:

  • Install Runtime  (Please joint Beta program)
    • Install or update the latest VIVE Software form  SteamVR  ( or later)or OOBE ( or later), and check your SR_Runtime
      (SRanipal Runtime Version or later) 
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