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is it now possible to use the Vive Trackers with the Open XR plugin in the Unreal Engine 5? If so, are the Pogo Pins of the trackers also supported?

I have unfortunately not managed to get the trackers to work. The Steam VR plugin is supposed to be removed in future Unreal versions. Therefore I would like to switch to OpenXR. However, I am dependent on the trackers.

Thanks for the help

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Hello @Vivi Wu

Thank you very much for your answer. I followed the tutorial step by step. Unfortunately, it was not possible for me to have the tracker pass its current transform. The function "GetTrackerTransform" always returns the origin (0,0,0) as transform. I have checked several times that the tracker roles in SteamVR, the ViveTrackerComponent and the function "GetTrackerTransform" match. I also adjusted the player start position as described. Triggering input events via the pogo pins now works.

Do you have any other ideas about why the tracker is not sending transform information?

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