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Vive Flow Passthrough Overlay/Underlay with Unity VIVE Wave XR Plugin

Luke Higgs

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Hello, I am using the Unity VIVE Wave XR Plugin version 5.0.3-r.5 and testing compatibility for a Unity VR application on the Vive Flow headset. The Passthrough camera will be required for the app, however it appears that the Passthrough Overlay/Underlay feature is inaccessible in Unity for the Flow? I have done a build of the sample project here: https://github.com/hardcoded2/WavePassthroughOverlayExample and it runs on the flow but there is no passthrough. I would just like to confirm that this is still unavailable or should I be able to access these features? If it is unavailable will it be supported soon and are there any work arounds?

Thank you!

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