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Focus 3 eye tracking module - absolutely unusable for PCVR?


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Is anyone else having trouble here? Just have a look at the attached screenshots. Sometimes it seems like its *roughly* in the right area, but the saccade is insane. Ive tested this against the HP Omnicept in the same settings and it is way better. Same with the Vive Pro Eye. The results in the worst case situation are quite often the results that happens most often, too.


Something is really going on here. I have tried reinstalling the sensor, cleaning it, etc. Ive tried calibrating in the Focus 3 home, then enabling business streaming, then playing. ive tried doing that and then using the inbuilt steam vr vive pro eye button (double calibration). still no better.


This is all over wireless streaming, by the way. My question is, has anyone got good results? Could my unit be faulty? Is this a known limitation of wireless streaming? We really need to crack this....

5 metres 5 degrees combined second try.jpg

5 metres 5 degrees combined.jpg

5 metres 5 degrees right eye.jpg

5 metres, 5 degrees.jpg

5 metres, 10 degrees.jpg

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