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Laggy & unsynced games, but preview window is buttersmooth


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Hi all, 

I have a Cosmos Elite that I bought last year, but my past pc had issues and never was able to start the vr headset. 

This Black Friday, I decided to buy a new pc. 

3080 RTX, i5 13600KF, 32GB DDR5, M.2 ssd. Windows11 


VR works now!

However, I'm running into an issue, that I dont think is because of too low specs..?

First issue is Microsoft Flight Simulator. I know is consumes a lot of resources!

ButI cant get it to run smoothly. Even on lowest settings, I get tearing lines through the images, like lag, but only partial of the screens af lagging behind. This starts in the MSFS menu!

If it is not laggy/tearing up the images, then I get a ghosting effect, where the delay is high and the two screens in the VR looks out of sync. 

I have tried turning down graphics to the lowest. This might help removing the delay/ghosting effect (I havent experienced it last couple of tries).

When I exit MSFS, the issue continues in VR Home, or what it is called. 

When looking at youtube videoes of mostly same setup, I dont see any similar issues. 


I just tried No Mans Sky, and that had the same issues with tearing screen lines, when turning my head. Continued to VR Home too, upon closure. 


Both games mentioned above, looks fine on my pc's preview window, when I have the tearing issue in my headset. Preview seems to run at least 90fps, i would guess. (144hz monitor)

Graphics driver is up to date. 

Headset driver is updated. 


I haven't tried many other games, but Beat Saber, seems to work fine.  


I am lost for what I can do to troubleshoot the issue.

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