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VIVE Focus 3 Software 5.0.999.698 – Release Notes


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VIVE Focus 3 Software (FOTA 5.5) 5.0.999.698 – Release Notes
Released January 10, 2023

What’s new

  • Now supports Wi-Fi 6E in Israel and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Enhancements and fixes

  • Fixed a potential error that could cause eye tracker detection to fail on headsets updated with system version 5.0.999.676.
  • Improved VIVE Focus 3’s eye tracker calibration process. 

Software customization service

  • Now features a new API which allows MDM agents to manage device apps.
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12 hours ago, Arthur de Souza said:

Hello. Since this last update, miracast is displayed in the wrong aspect ratio. There are some black bars on the on the left and right side of the screen. Is anyone else having the same issue?

this will be fixed in the next update, sorry about the inconvenience soon.

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12 hours ago, thepark_gilles said:

@C.T. we too experience issues when controller loses tracking and vbs is running, headset will go in passthrough, which is definitely not desirable, you might have a hand tracking only experience over wifi streaming and this blocks this ability. Last good version was .558 

okay, let me do some digging on this. 

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