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Cable issues


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Hi All.

I seems to have another yet error 200 HMD not found. This is about the fourth cable, HMD works fine with wireless adapter but not the link Box and yeah the link box light is green. I'm always so careful because this has happened so may times before but the design on the cable is really poor. I have another HMD a Samsung from before this one (4 years ago) and the cable has never broken probably because the outer casing is hard plastic instead of the Soft one on the Cosmos. In any case I contacted support who said sorry mate your out of warranty after three years so cough up another $120 bucks for yet another cable. I asked if he would take all my other cables as a trade in but he said no and I can understand why, they are of poor design and break easily lol.

In any case I think I'm done spending more more money on a bad design even if it is only $120 this as I have said is the 4th one. Vive may have lost a customer who has spent thousands on their devices and Viveport but at least they have saved themselves $120 (I'm sure they make them for a quarter of that price) and going forward you can't fault a company for making such forward looking support policy decisions after all customers are a dime a dozen. I don't think I will be investing more money on the new devices if Vive put the cost of poorly designed components on their customers and do not admit their fault it doesn't inspire confidence going forward on any newer products for sure time to try something else.

BTW thanks CT for you assistance over the years and good luck.





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