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Connection between arduino and HTC VIVE Focus 3 with HC-05 or BLE on Unity


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I'm actually trying to connect the headset htc vive focus 3 with a arduino Uno Rev3 and a Arduino Nano 33 IoT. For the arduino Rev3 i use a HC-05 module for the bluetooth and for the Nano 33 IoT, the bluetooth is native and does not the classic bluetooth but the BLE (bluetooth low energy). I actually don't know what is the better solution between classic bluetooth and BLE but actually i have a problemes with itch one. 

I actually want to recover some value of other sensor and use the value to interact with my project. My project is in Unity 2021.3.16f1 and i use a package to use bluetooth with unity. The current package i use is this one : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/input-management/arduino-bluetooth-plugin-98960

For the arduino Uno Rev3 and the classic bluetooth, in my headset i can see the device in the list of the other device connect or can be connected but when i click in it to connect my device something pop on my screen in 0.1sec and disappear. And of course my device is not connected. I don't know what to do next to solve my probleme with this one.


For the arduino nano 33 IoT, it's actually connected to my headset but the problems is more complexe, when launch my project the unity logo pop like always but after that i have something really odd on my headset. I have a white screen upside down split in two , itch part on itch eyes, curves by lentils. I have try to read the text print in it and i suppose is a list of the bluetooth device but unfortunately i can interact with it. I think the probleme can be from the manifest i need to use with the package i current use. I give you a copy.


If you have a solutions of my probleme, thanks for your help. And sorry for my bad english, i'm french after all ! 😃

@C.T.@Tony PH Lin@Alex_HTC


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