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Streaming Hub - massive frame loss (Wi-Fi)


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On 4/3/2023 at 2:09 AM, setohayato1337 said:

I've had some Stream Hub connectivity stability issues as well. I'm thinking it might be  a firmware issue. Something that seemed to mitigate the stability issues over WifI to a degree was disabling bluetooth on the XR Elite.

Thanks! That is really interesting - I'll give this a try next time I am using it.

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I had the same issues, and had to do the following:

  1. Vive Streaming Hub would not show version numbers in the Settings/About page.  I uninstalled then reinstalled and finally got the version numbers and was able to update the headset via the Oculus 10GB cable.
  2. Figured out Wifi 5 would not cut it, so I ordered the TP-Link AXE5400, which had WiFi 6e.  Ran 1gb ethernet cable from the house cable modem to the TP-link, hooked PC to the TP-link, and made sure the wireless IP subnet didn't collide.  I went for 6e from the start, suspecting throughput issues, and was proven right.
  3. When connecting from the Vive XR, the VR PC did not show up until I set the network type to Private on the VR PC using the Network settings (Had to use Virtual Desktop's option In Settings/About/"Check For Interfering Apps..." option to figure that out.)

Still catch an occasional hiccup, but "Compound" on PCVR runs excellently.  However, I intend to buy Virtual Desktop for the XR the moment it comes out (Don't mind buying extra copy just for XR: Competence these days deserves to have money thrown at it.).  Downside is that the controllers won't work with Skyrim VR, and probably not with Fallout Either (I suspect that the final configuration will be closer to the knuckles controllers.) 

HTC Vive:  I suspect that the wireless network chip chosen for use in the XR was a bargain basement newbie.  Tear apart the oculus 2 and use THAT chip instead: saving a few bucks isn't worth the PR damage.

On the plus side: the cameras are top notch!  with the right foreground/background colors I believe I can do code edits without taking the headset off.  

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So is the issue that the Elite can't really run on a 5Ghz router? That is what I am currently running and I still have yet to successfully use wifi streaming (USB streaming works fine). I get errors that alternate between 912 and I believe 921. Sometimes I get the SteamVR home to show but as soon as I turn my head to look around I am back to the spinning Vive logo and eventually an error. What makes this so frustrating is that my Quest 2 works on the same setup without any issues.


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