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Vive Focus 3 Eye Tracking, Vive Business Streaming, and OpenXR

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When running the eye tracker on the Focus3 over VBS, I don't see any input device signals that correspond to individual eyes, pupil dilation, or any other metrics.  We only see correct data from the pose of the combined eye ray. Some of the signals that are supposed to exist do not ever change value (such as the flags that indicate the eye tracker is tracking or that the user is wearing the HMD). Is this information available in Unity via OpenXR/VBS?  If not, would it be available over Wave SDK?  The documentation doesn't seem to indicate that using Wave over VBS is possible, and indeed many options are not available under Standalone configuration but are available under Android when the SDK is installed.

My current platform is:

  • Unity 2021.3.16f1
  • VIVE OpenXR Plugin – Windows 1.0.10
  • Unity’s XR Plugin Management 4.2.1
  • Unity’s Input System 1.4.4
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