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Cannot see PC in headset.


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My network is setup as per the above diagram. When connecting to the router which is connected to the internet (the one on the left of the diagram) I can see my PC available for connection, however this router cannot be connected by cable to my PC.

When connecting the headset to the second router, on the right of the diagram, which is connnected to the PC via ethernet cable and in the same room as the headset, I cannot see my PC, and therefore cannot connect.

Does anyone have any idea how I can rectify this?


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Did you manage to get this working? There were no diagrams included in your post.

The connection to the headset relies on multicast broadcasts from the PC. I suspect that when your are connected to the 2nd router, the PC is detecting it as a different network and therefore enforcing a different firewall policy set (assuming you are running Windows firewall and not something else) - which is blocking this multicast traffic. Try disabling the Windows firewall and see if that helps.

Alternatively your going to have to use Wires hark are something similar to see exactly what is going on.

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