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WVR_Event when headset is removed and put back on by user


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I'm working with Vive Focus 3 and Unity and the fact that the Unity Update function stops to run as soon as the user remove the headset and the screen is turned off is a bit problematic for me.

During my experimentation I saw that threads are still running when the screen is turned off so to understand better what happens when the screen is turned off I tried to use WVR_PollEventQueue in a thread to see what events where triggered. My expectations according to the WVR_Event documentation were that when the screen is turned off I should receive the event WVR_EventType_RenderingToBePaused and when the screen turns back on the event WVR_EventType_RenderingToBeResumed but these events are never triggered or at least they never appear when I log the events queued in WVR_PollEventQueue. I am able to log other event like WVR_EventType_DeviceStatusUpdate or WVR_EventType_BatteryStatusUpdate so I know that some events works well but I never receive the event I was expecting. Am I missing something, is this normal I never see these events ?

I also saw in code comments that the events WVR_EventType_DeviceSuspend and WVR_EventType_DeviceResume that are obsolete were also triggered by removing and putting on the headset. Since, they are now obsolete my guess was they have been replaced by RenderingToBeResumed and RenderingToBePaused  but I also saw that there is a call WVR_IsDeviceSuspend in the native SDK so I tried to use it thinking that it would return true when the user take off the headset but it always returns false. Is WVR_IsDeviceSuspend also obsolete ? If it's not the case when should it's value be changed from false to true ?

Thanks and have a great day !

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