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how to play youtube VR180 video on browser?

dynameis tw

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(2) [댄싱돌스테이지2] 3R 나인아이 'Young boy' (4K 3D 180VR) / [Dancing-dol Stage2] 3R NINE.I 'Young boy' - YouTube

how to play youtube VR180 video on browser?  like this one,  full screen just open 2D screen and only 720p , but on PC you can select 4K60 and can move camera via mouse drag

try a lot videos on Youtube , seems only VR360 can work with vive browser 


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Streaming playback is currently not possible except for META devices.

For normal playback, you must first download the video.

After downloading in *.webm format

1. Copy inside the device and play with VIVEPORT VIDEO.
      (It has been updated, but there are still frame drops.)

2. By connecting with PC
     Play using skybox (lift, steam), hereSPhere, etc.

There are two ways.

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13 hours ago, Alex_HTC said:

@dynameis tw if you're still having trouble, try downloading the latest version of the wolvic browser on the store - it has fixes to a number of videos

@Alex_HTC Use latest wolvic , still same, cloud you please try the link I post , it's just a usual VR180 video (tagged by youtube as VR180) , but no VR and streaming quality capped at 720P

is this not fixedable by HTC like DBArtist said?

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@dynameis tw
With the latest 1.3.2 version of wolvic -
I've been streaming by hitting "fullscreen". At this point, most videos will work

Some older videos do not have the metadata tag that identifies the type of immersive video it is. This can be fixed manually by hitting "fullscreen", selecting the "vr glasses" icon in the screenshot above,  then selecting 180 in the options. 

The bottom three options are related to 180 video

If you have some videos that are not working, send me a link 

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Hi @dynameis tw

Thanks for the report! 

It does seem that those videos seem to be missing the metadata to specify that they're 360 videos.  The standard metadata tag is specified here https://github.com/google/spatial-media/blob/master/docs/spherical-video-v2-rfc.md

An example of a working video here

 has the immersive / stereoscopic tag in the video itself, which ends up looking like 

0000014A     StereoMode (4 bytes)
0000014A      Header (3 bytes)
0000014A       Name:                             5048 (0x13B8)
0000014C       Size:                             1 (0x01)
0000014D      Data:                              1 (0x01)

I'm not sure what the timeframe would be on 'forcing' a video into 360 mode when the video itself does not specify it, but I'll look into it!


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Ignore last reply (under review, maybe not show up, if @C.T. see it pls just delete it ), it is incorrect

@Alex_HTC I Try use Downloder to check, seems it did provide 360 metata (or not ,maybe just youtube streaming list has that info), I think the problem is wolvic report something (maybe user agent? or resolution?) let  youtube think wolvic did not support VR content and high res streaming

and  quality above 2K only avalible in WEBP container and VP9 encoding (software display MKV , but actually it's WEBP) , is wolvic support WEBP / VP9 ?



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