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UE4 Wave Lost Tracking Event Integration takes too long to notify player that it lost tracking.


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In unreal engine we want to be able to tell our player that they lost tracking as soon as they lose it. However, we noticed that the the lost tracking detection event only triggers after 7 seconds (on average) of losing tracking (when moving head, the world follows). Is there anyway we can get that event to trigger within a second of losing tracking, as we would like to make our games local multiplayer and wouldn't want anyone bumping into each other while playing. 

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Hi @EashBala,

Thank you for your feedback!

The symptom, when moving head, the world follows, seems to be caused by getting the invalid position instead of lost tracking. In order to clarify the symptom, I am wondering if you could provide your apk and the reproduction steps. Please DM me, if you are ready to provide the file.

In fact, when lost tracking occurs, a system pop-up shows up and informs error msg. We would like to know if the pop-up appears when the symptom happens.

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