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Unity - Vive XR Elite - controller position, orientation lost after play - axis incorrect


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Running XR-Interaction-Toolkit-Examples for the first time in a session works fine but after stopping and restarting the tracking on my controllers is lost. Not only are their positions incorrect but their x and z axis seem to be swapped. Lifting the controllers causes them to move to the right. The only way to fix them is to close and reopen unity, steamvr and vive hub. Other dev demos have the same issue. The problem goes away when returning to steamvr home or other games but resumes if I go back into my game.

Unity 2022.2.14

OpenXR - Vive XR Support - Android

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Had to abandon Wave because of build issues and return to Open XR. Somehow I managed to get it working but not sure how. I think the original issue was with Vive Input Utility but can't confirm. Right now I am only using the Vive OpenXR Plugin for Android.

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