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  1. Clicking sign in on the below URL returns you to the same page. https://developer.viveport.com/console?next=%2Fconsole%2Ftitles
  2. Are you using Wave? I had a similar issue. Switched to OpenXR and things are working. Only a work around though as I need wave to work if I want to publish on viveport
  3. I currently have a scene with a single point light in additon to ambient light. The point light works on the PC but does not render in stand-alone mode on the XR Elite. My understanding is that this is an Android issue. Baking is not an option so I am assuming the work around is to use multiple spotlights unless someone has another suggestion. Unity 2022.2.18
  4. Unity 2022.2.18. I have been able to get some scenes working in URP so my guess now is that it is a performance issue on the headset.
  5. Had to abandon Wave because of build issues and return to Open XR. Somehow I managed to get it working but not sure how. I think the original issue was with Vive Input Utility but can't confirm. Right now I am only using the Vive OpenXR Plugin for Android.
  6. There is a hack where you can block the sensor, I used a bandaid, so it thinks you are still there but it is actually worse because as soon as I put the headset on my desk it loses tracking info and I have to recalibrate. Would be nice to have a developer setting. The better option is to develop on the desktop with a mock HMD and only use the real one for beta testing.
  7. No, I had to cut-bait and go back to OpenXR which works fine. I will have to return to this soon though as I want to publish through viveport and can only beta test in wave. Hopefully they will resolve the issues soon.
  8. I've been testing a standalone app on the XR Elite created in Unity using URP. When I build it to the headset and run it, I get stuttering and image duplication. If I switch it back to the standard pipeline I'm fine. Is this a known issue? If so, when do we anticipate URP will be supported. If not, is there something I need to do to setup URP for standalone deployments?
  9. This is related to other bugs reported that Wave - Direct Preview does not work. This seems to still be the case. I can build and run the project and it will "work" in Unity but pressing play does nothing.
  10. I've tried a couple versions of unity now 2022.2 and recently 2021.3. Noticed that when I, Start Streaming Server, the machine does not appear on the headset like it does when running Vive Streaming Hub. Headset is the XR Elite.
  11. Wave 5.2.1 does not have the ability to set the connection type or Start and Stop Device APK
  12. I followed the setup video in Getting started with and porting to Wave, but I am unable to run my unity game on the vive xr elite headset. The only difference I noticed between the video and my setup was direct preview control panel does not have start and stop device APK options. I've tried using Vive Streaming Hub and Start Streaming server to no effect.
  13. "Remove from library," isn't an option, only, Pin/Unpin
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