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Eye Tracking will crash the app using Wave 5.2.1


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I've just spent a day trying to implement eye tracking because it was either crashing the app straight after opening, or not working at all - START_FAILURE.

The crash happens only if there is Enable Eye tracking checkbox selected, or feature is added to AndroidManifest (which is the same thing?).

Unfortunately the android log doesn't return anything useful apart from simply CRASH which I though was something on my end.


As a last resort I was checking the tutorials once again and I've decided to try the 5.0.3.r5 version which is also show here


And... it started working. Could someone else verify?


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Hi Gabriel,

Which sample did you use?

If you wrote a personal sample, could you provide your sample code?

Also, please provide the ROM version of your HMD (Vive Focus 3?). You can check the ROM version at Settings > Common > About.


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Vive Focus 3

version number 5.7

system version 5.0.999.760

core version 4.19.81-perf-dirty

Wave version 5.2.1.u04



Unity 2021.3.21f1

Vive Wave XR Plugin

Vive Wave XR Plugin - Essence

which also downloads the

Vive Wave XR Plugin - Native

all above versions 5.2.1-r.1 (not working)

I have tried a simple scene of my own which was just a white space with eye manager and eye tracking cube to check if it's enabled, but I've tried on the Demo EyeTracking scene from Essence as well and it crashed too. 

This probably has nothing to do with scenes, but will crash when the eye tracking is enabled in manifest. The app will build if there is no eye tracking enabled in manifest.


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Hi Gabriel,

I tried the same environment (ROM & SDK) as you used and configured as below photo.



I used this sample:


Everything is fine.

So I need your crash log for analysis.

Please help record the log with this command:

# adb logcat -v threadtime 2>&1 | tee crash_log.txt

and provide the "crash_log.txt" to us.

Thank you very much.

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