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HTC, Let users disable the 'no controllers/controllers off' warning in the Focus 3 Operating System. It has caused me so many problems.


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Its been almost 2 years.

Hand tracking support in VBS mitigated the problem, but now its impassible if I want to use the $20 Virtual Desktop app that does not support hand tracking. Asking users to stash the Focus 3 controllers inside their playspace and not trip over them is too much. VD can disallow their input into Steam VR, but the headset boundary can still see them. This causes performance problems in games and both VBS and VD.

HTC, you made a big deal out of the VIVE Self Trackers not to long ago, so you know that FBT and Index Controller use with your hardware (and Meta hardware) is lucrative.

And yet, when those people buy the Self Trackers for like $200 - $2000 total and try to use them with older lighthouse hardware, they are going to get a huge dose of the pain I've been experiencing for YEARS at this point. 

Now, extrapolate my frustration to people looking at the XR Elite, especially when its Face+Eye Tracker comes out. Do you even subject XR Elite users to this difficulty?

Let me turn my Focus 3 controllers off and not be bothered by the nagging OS anymore. 

Also, I'm still mad about Space Calibrator 2.0 straight up not existing no matter how many times you contact HTC's reps.

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It's a pet peeve of mine, as well. Especially because it seems like such a minor thing for HTC to do and would clearly improve the experience for a lot of users.

Having said that, feel free to try this workaround. 🙂

1. Enable kiosk mode and give kiosk mode access to VBS.
2. When the controller prompt appears, longpress the button on the left side of your headset.
3. Choose "restart kiosk mode".
4. Kiosk mode restarts and controller prompt is gone.

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Thanks for the tip for VBS, but having to sign back into my account for license verification every time I use it is like pulling teeth. Crossed my fingers that it would work in VD, but of course you're auto kicked from the app on restart and you're still locked out of the app due to the no hand tracking thing.

XR Elite probably doesn't have a kiosk mode.

That's a wild, aggravating hoop HTC...

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Sounds like you're angry at HTC for Virtual Desktop not having Hand Tracking built in so that you can use several different manufacturers/developers products altogether in a very niche way?

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5 hours ago, Ixixly said:

Sounds like you're angry at HTC for Virtual Desktop not having Hand Tracking built in so that you can use several different manufacturers/developers products altogether in a very niche way?

This is posted in the Focus 3 subcategory of the VIVE Technical Support sub forum of the VIVE Community forum. Welcome to niche street, in niche city, in niche county, in niche state, in niche country, on niche planet. I'll be your guide to requesting basic functionality for our face brick portals to digital alternative dimensions.


The Focus 3 has had its Eye and Face tracker out since last October. VRCFT also reached version V5 in April. Again, it won't matter when the VIVE Self Trackers and the Eye and Face Tracker for the XR Elite come out later this year. A huge chunk of standalone use is for PCVR, and PCVR use is a major feature for both the Focus 3 and XR Elite. PCVR means loads of control schemes and freedom of use and expression. Here's a nice link on HTC's website championing features like PC VR use and Space Calibrator, which allows business to continue to use the Steam VR equipment they already bought from HTC. https://blog.vive.com/us/introducing-new-features-vive-focus-3/ 

Even if the camera tracked products and lighthouse products cannot talk directly to each other, they should at least get out of one another's way. HTC sells ALL of them don't they? Not only that, but upcoming commercial products like the Diver-X contact glove are going to support both the Steam VR tracking AND the VIVE Self Tracker while most likely still emulating the Index control/finger tracking software. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diver-x/contact-glove/posts/3777038

That, and Steam VR by itself does not care whether or not you have any controllers turned on. That's HTC VIVE, VIVE Pro, VIVE Cosmos w/ Steam VR tracker (?), VIVE Pro 2, and Index users without a problem. Possibly Pimax users as well, other than all their other problems. If I had any experience with Oculus or WMR products, I might be able to list them too.

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