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Tutorial for VIVE MR Feature

Vivi Wu

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VIVE XR Elite features a powerful full-color passthrough camera and depth sensor that enable you to interact with virtual objects in your real-world space.

The following message will show you the scenario and tutorial for VIVE MR feature. Open up new possibilities in mixed reality.

For the MR feature, it's supported by VIVE Wave SDK for Android development.



The basic MR would be the passthrough. Passthrough feature which enables an application to show the reality image to see the surrounding environment from the VR headset.
Please refer the article here:

Scene perception

The scene perception is the system ability to percept environment objects like floor, ceiling, wall, desk, couch, door, window etc. The MR content which included scene elements can recognize those scene objects and interact with them to make player to immerse in the real world. Scene elements are defined as Plane 2D, Anchor, Scene mesh, and Object 3D.

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