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screen turns on and off during game - Focus 3, eye tracking


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I'm developing with Focus 3 with eye tracking add-on,  using Wave Unity SDK. 

I'm trying to save all eye data, (combined eye, left, right eyes' origins, directions, pupil diameters, openness, eye positions in sensor area ect. ) and HMD positions at each frame update. 

The game runs ok the first couple of times. Then the screen turns black in the middle of the game, about 5-10s later it turns back on, and the game resumes. After about 10-20s the screen turns black again, and back on after a few seconds.

If I only save a few variables, it seems to fix it.  

The next day, I again tried to save all variables, it magically worked fine. But the problem returned after a couple of plays.

Does this sound like a memory problem? Would you have any suggestions on how to debug this?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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