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Unitys XR-Interaction-Toolkit-Examples 2.3.2 wont track HMD or controllers.


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I am trying to get the Unity XR toolkit sample scenes to work and Unity is passing the buck to Vive saying the frozen view when you hit play is something to do with Vive and not their toolkit. 
The unity scen runs and frame rate looks fine but the headset shows a static screen as the HMD is not tracking also the controllers don't move and inputs do nothing as the are not tracking. Unity says this is Vive and Steam Issue as Vive Pro, Pro Eye, and Valve Index headsets have failed on two PC's.  So if anyone here knows why the new toolkit ( https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/XR-Interaction-Toolkit-Examples )fails to run in the Unity game window when you hit play please let me know jhow to fix it.

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Try this repo:

The issue is that you need to add the focus3 profile and disable other profiles and openxr loaders. The current openxr spec allows for non-standardized loaders. We use the standard open source loader, but other vendors do not, so you must disable other ones before building as well.

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Really? That cannot be the issue as I am not using the focus 3. I'm doing cabled PC VR with a Vive, a Vive Pro eye, and a Valve Index. I have a Focus 3 to test but I'm not trying to get it to work.  I will however try that github repo as soon as I get a chance. 

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