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Foveation for UE5?


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Hi, we're updating my company's software to UE5 and comparing WaveVR and ViveOpenXRAndroid (targeting VIVE Focus 3).

Currently, the lack of foveated rendering in ViveOpenXRAndroid is a showstopper for us, as we relied on a combination of foveation plus screen percentage of ~0.8 to achieve 90fps on the Focus 3 with UE4.26 + WaveVR. Since moving to UE5.1, we tried ViveOpenXRAndroid but haven't been able to hit our target FPS, so we are sticking with WaveVR for now.

Just wanted to express interest in seeing foveation for ViveOpenXRAndroid and check if there's any possibility of seeing it in the future.


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Hi @ericw,

Thanks for showing the interest.

Foveation support is one of key feature that we're working on.

Due to migration our plugin to new Unreal 5.1, we need more time to verify the related support with Foveation.

I'll keep you posted when we can deliver in future plan asap.

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