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Vive Business Streaming 1.11.6 - BETA Release notes


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VIVE Business Streaming- 1.11.6 - Beta release notes

Released June 30th, 2023

VIVE Business Streaming - 1.11.6

  • Refined Graphics Auto mode and now supports new GPUs.
  • Prevents Check for updates from being clicked multiple times.
  • Fixed issue where there were repeated update notifications if SteamVR was not correctly installed.
  • Fixed sharpening setting not working sometimes.
  • [OpenXR] Fixed eye gaze data that could be incorrect or not received.
  • [OpenXR] Fixed a crash issue in UE editor mode.

VIVE Business Streaming app - (Please connect Focus 3 to PC via USB to update)

  • Now supports In-VR streaming settings by double-clicking the menu button on the left controller.
  • Now supports hand fist gesture mapped to the controller grip bindings.
  • Fixed black edge in MR mode when latency is too high.
  • Fixed potential black screen issue during reconnecting.
  • Fixed memory leak issue due to reconnection.
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